Beam Cleaning
Dry Ice blasting oak beams and removing old coatings, or simply cleaning the oak beams is a process that can be undertaken without the problem of large amounts of spent abrasive (sand/olivine/soda/glass beed etc) having to be cleaned up after the cleaning process, and eliminates residual sand that remains in the beams.
The process is non abrasive, and enables projects to be completed whilst still in place.

Grafitti Removal
Dry Ice blasting is an excellent medium for the removal of grafitti, and remove it from bus shelters, brick and paintwork, trains.

Fire Remediation
Dry Ice cleaning is extremely effective in removing toxic residues, soot and associated odours on all surfaces after a property fire.
 Adhesive Removal Adhesives are easily removed in comparison to alternative methods, as the lower temperature serves to weaken the adhesive bond.
Abrasive methods often generate heat and can therefore fail with some adhesive removal.
It is ideal for cleaning labeling machinery, which can be very awkward.
Ideal for cleaning glue machines.

Cement or Resin Decontamination
This process is ideal to remove cement and unwanted resins from machinery and other contaminated surfaces.
This is also an ideal process for final site cleaning before handover on construction projects.

Boat Cleaning
Dry ice blasting is ideal for the removal of the anti-foul leaving a perfect gel coat underneath.

Historical Restoration
The restoration of valuable or historical monuments is difficult to achieve without damage to the target area using traditional cleaning methods.
Dry ice blasting offers a method of removing years of build up, without harming the original item, and avoiding scratch marks, pitting and damage.
Removes Lead Based Paints Cleans around wiring/plumbing without damage and is safe around electrics as the CO2 is an inert gas.
Eliminates chemical solvents and paint strippers. Cleans detailed work, tight spots and around nails and obstructions without a mess.

Mould Remediation
Mould re-mediators across the world are using dry ice blasting to reduce their remediation time by as much as 60 to 80% per project.
Dry ice blasting cleans even the hardest to reach areas where scraping and sanding can not, removing all contaminated wood while preserving its structural integrity. Completely removes mould from detail work, tight spots and around nails and obstructions.
Cleans around wiring and all plumbing without damage or safety fears.
Reduces high current power usage.
Kills organic contaminants.

Chewing Gum Removal
Chewing gum has become one of the fastest growing environmental and municipal problems of the past decade.
Dry ice blasting can completely clean chewing gum from a wide variety of external internal surfaces, including streets, concrete pathways, pavements, roads, paved areas, pedestrian areas, wooden flooring, shopping centers, waiting areas, schools and colleges.
The advantage with undercover shopping centers, is that the cleaning can be carried out when they are closed and no water or chemical will pass through the grills of the retail units.

Aerospace Industry
In the Airline and Aerospace industries, cleanliness is critical to performance and safety.
A superior clean can reveal what the eye does not see.
Dry Ice Blasting offers a superior cleaning on-the-spot.
• landing gear.
• brake components.
• engine clean-up.
• adhesive and sealant.

Food And Beverage Industry
Sanitation is a critical element in the production of foods and beverages; dry ice blasting is an ideal process for cleaning containers, mixers, conveyors and ovens, leaving no harmful secondary waste to clean It is also ideal for cleaning the labeling machinery, which always a difficult process.
Again the major benefit is that there is no water involved, eliminating the costly exercise covering up or drying electrics.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
Dry ice blasting is excellent for deep cleaning of commercial kitchens.
Ovens, stainless steel work surfaces, tiles can be very effectively cleaned and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals.