Dry ice blasting has many advantages

No moisture:
Dry ice sublimates as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
This leaves no waste water or other contaminated abrasive residues.
The dirt falls to the floor and can then be vacuumed or swept away. 
Brief machine standstill times and no corrosion of the material.

No wear / erosion:
Dry ice pellets are hardly abrasive, so machines and tools being cleaned are not damaged.
It is not necessary to take the machines apart.
Machines can be cleaned with their components assembled.
There is no need to disassemble and reassemble the parts to be cleaned.
The economic significance is tremendous since machine standstill times and production losses can be drastically reduced.

No chemicals, no abrasive (e.g. aluminum oxide abrasive), no waste water there are no abrasive residues.
This means that there is no contamination due to mechanics, seals, etc. due to the abrasive.
There are no disposal costs for hazardous chemicals, solvents or contaminated abrasives.

That is why dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly, safe and
economically efficient - and also useful in areas in which water or sand is prohibited.

Reduced labour costs:
Working hours for cleaning and maintenance of production lines can in part be drastically reduced with the help of dry ice blasting.
Dry ice blasting is faster more efficient, especially when much time is required for preparation and follow-up using conventional cleaning methods.